Each category has been purposefully chosen to highlight the desired qualities of our King. It is in the contestant’s best interest to treat each category as a stand-alone competition. Contestants will compete in Formal wear, Sportswear, Themed Costume, Talent, and Onstage Question.


  • Creative Costume
  • Sportswear
  • Formal Wear
  • Q/A (TOP 5)

Creative Costume

40 Points possible per judge

After the contestant his finished this category, the presentation must be removed from the venue. No prop setup will be allowed for this year’s competition. Handheld props only. Contestants may submit their own music. 2 min max for this category.

There exists no set theme for this category. You are encouraged to be very creative.

The scoring of this category will be based on the creativity of the costume, its construction quality, the contestant’s presentation of the costume, and the contestant’s poise and onstage personality.


40 Points possible per judge

The sportswear competition shall be judged based on the fit, coordination, modeling, and overall look. Contestants should assure that any accessories complement the look and not distract from it. The clothing, hair, and accessories should be functional and wearable in public. A suggestion for this category would be an ensemble that is considered high fashion/runway/red carpet.

Formal wear

60 Points possible per judge

A King's wardrobe speaks of his stature and wealth while accentuating his magnificence. In this category, contestants may wear a formal wear of any color or style, though the suit must be at least two pieces. This category offers the contestant the opportunity to display their poise and class. A true King will be fashion-forward, keeping in mind that the fit is key. The suit, however beautiful, is but one element of this category. The contestant's hair, makeup, shoes, and any accessories must come together to form a complete look… the look of a King.

We must stress that this category is not creative formalwear, thus the suit should not be a costume. As fashion is ever changing, we do not want to set a standard for this category (stones/beads vs. all fabric). We strongly suggest the chosen attire fit the current trends.


100 possible points per judge

A King must possess the ability to keep his guests entertained; therefore the contestant's talent presentation must be entertaining. The contestant may present any type of entertainment for talent competition provided it does not cause any danger or harm to the contestant or anyone else. Contestants will be scored based on the quality of lip-syncing, live vocal, dance ability or other entertainment value. You, not your props or supporting members, should be the star of your talent. Pre-recorded audio must be on a high-quality CD and must be the only item burned onto that CD. The CD must have the contestant's name and contestant number written clearly on it. The pageant director must approve video presentations in writing no later than two weeks prior to competition.

The use of live animals is strictly prohibited. Contestants may not use fire, water or glitter as part of their talent presentation. Use of prohibited items will result in an administrative deduction of 75 points per judge in the talent category. Talent presentation is limited to seven (7) minutes in length. Prop setup and tear down time are limited to 5 minutes total. PROPS WILL BE LIMITED TO HANDHELD ITEMS ONLY FOR PRELIMINARY NIGHT. You may have backdrops or posters, but there will be no setup or tear down time during preliminary competition. There is no restriction on the number of people who may be involved in the presentation.

Onstage Question

35 points possible per judge

Kings often address their public. The scoring of this category is based on personality, poise and the ability to communicate in front of an audience.  It is the content, not the length of your answer that will be judged. Listen to the question and formulate your answer. Do not let the audience rush you! A reasonable amount of time will be given to answer the question.